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KITE Pump V2
EFFORTLESS INFLATION with the Ozone 2 Kite Pump ! The high quality V2 kite pump features double-action inflation, an extended barrel, ergonomic handgrips & foot base, foam air filter and a calibrated pressure gauge; however the biggest innovations hide inside. Internal...
Short/Long Kite Leash V2
Stainless Steel clip Push-Away release Simple re-load Compact size Short size - Designed for hooked in riding Long size - Designed for Un-Hooked in riding PRODUCT INFO
from $60.00
THE KOMPRESSOR KEEPS THE LEADING EDGE PLASTIC PROFILE BATTENS CONCERTINAED IN THE SAME WAY WE PACK THE KITES IN OUR FACTORY. It requires a little more time to pack a kite, however we highly recommend using it as this protects...
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Perfect for traveling light with multiple kites.Size guide:Small: 4m-10mLarge: 11m-19m
Adrenaline Alley Gift Voucher
Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with an Adrenaline Alley gift voucher. Gift vouchers are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift vouchers have no...
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Features - Wide anatomical shaped footstrap- Adjustable velcro- Symmetrical- Set of 2
$43.47 $10.00
If you don't have one get one!
MYSTIC Stealth Bar
Mystic Stealth Bar Kiteboarding Bar The new Mystic Stealth Bar (Composite/Stainless Steel) Kiteboarding Fixed Hook is designed for riders that prefer Freestyle and Freeride. Its equipped with a traditional stainless steel hook. The sizing and shape of the bar is...
OZONE Foot Pads and Straps V2
Twin tip Pads and Straps. Two sizes available : Medium / Large : > Size 7Small : < Size 7
CHICKEN LOOPS - Come's in 3 sizes Small, Meduim , Large
OZONE Twintip Handle
Handle for Kiteboard with screws.
De-power cleat replacement.
MYSTIC L/S VEST NEOPRENE BLACK 1.5mm FEATURES - M Stitch- Adjustable waist cord- Baardshort attachment loop FABRICS - M-Flex 2.0 neoprene (100%)- Polar lining on chest and back
from $200.00
Poncho Towel Armstrong
Stay warm, cover your bits and look like the boss in the Carpark.Comes with carry bag.
BEANBAG, this beanbag cover is supplied with NO filling, it is up to you to fill the cover, best thing to use are the polystyrene balls that you can buy in most large furniture shops. Or stuff it with old...
Board Wall Rack - Nice Rack Single / Triple / Quad
Surfboard Wall Racks NZ - Horizontal Modular Storage System by Nice Rack Surfboard Wall Rack System allows for storage of SURFBOARDS, SNOWBOARDS, KITEBOARDS or WAKEBOARDS in your garage or home. 100% RECYCLED ABS Plastics - lightweight and very strong.
$97.00 from $48.50
GoPro QUIK KEY (Mcro-USB Only)
Quik Key is a fast and easy way to unleash and edit GoPro footage stored on your microSD card.1 Plug it into the connector on your phone or tablet, then, using the Capture app,2 transfer the footage to create and...
$34.77 $30.00
$40.00 $35.00
Mount your GoPro to surfboards, kayaks, SUPs, boat decks and other gear where maximum holding strength is needed. Includes an FCS compatible male plug to mount your GoPro using an FCS center fin socket. Perfect for surfboards, kayaks, SUPs, boat...
$40.00 $35.00
$110.00 $95.00
Score two of our most popular mounts for capturing amazing shots while biking, skiing, paddling and more. This kit includes Chesty (Performance Chest Mount) for immersive hands-free footage from your point of view bundled with Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount for gear-mounted shots....
$110.00 $95.00
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GoPro Dual-Port Charger (Supercharger)
The fastest way to charge your GoPro, the 27.5W Supercharger (International Dual-Port Charger) lets you charge two GoPro devices simultaneously—anywhere in the world. The USB-C port offers 20 to 70% faster charging on fast-charge compatible devices1 compared to using a...
KiteCleat (Knife and line storage tool)
Kitecleat (Knife and line storage tool) With this CRX Kitecleat, you’ll :– Have no need to untwist your lines any more,– A helper to check your lines length balance,– Be able to properly store the ends of your lines,– And a durable,...
$35.00 from $28.00
Ozone Washbag or Tools/Cable bag
Ozone Wash Bag The Ozone Wash Bag is multifunctional and compact. Originally designed with the travelling kiter in mind. There are plenty of pockets with zip closure compartments on the bag to keep all your different toiletries organised. Multifunctional and compact –...
OZONE EXO Impact Vest - Black
PROTECTION, FLOTATION AND WARMTH The EXO Impact Vest is designed to provide protection, flotation and warmth without compromising range of motion. High-quality stitching, made in the Ozone factory. • Pull over non-zip design• Stretchy neoprene inner and outer shell• Ergonomic...
Water Kite Compressor Bags
Best bags to pack your kites into a minimum volume. Small : 4m to 8m Medium : 8m to 13m Large :  10m to 21m
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