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GLIDING High aspect ratio, great efficiency, speed, and carving capability. Perfect for calm water or surfing small waves. Span (cm) 81.5 Root chord (cm) 14.5 Area (cm2) 776 Aspect Ratio 8.6
Flyer Pod
Flyer Pod
The Waydoo Flyer Pod adds additional protection and stability to your board, allowing you to master your eFoil faster than ever before!
Mast & Power Assembly
The mast & power assembly unit is the amalgamation of the mast, fuselage, and a powerful propulsion system.  65cm : Weight: 8.6G (19LBS) Mast Material: anodized aviation-grade aluminum alloy Mast Length: 65CM (25.6 Inch) Motor Type: brushless  Motor Power Output: 6000W Motor...
Outboard Converter
The Waydoo Outboard converter converts your existing mast power unit and battery into an electric outboard motor.
PowerFlight Cell Battery
With safety and performance in mind, the PowerFlight Cell battery incorporates multiple safety features and is manufactured with durable, high-quality materials. Featuring a groundbreaking cordless, plug-and-play system that completely omits the cables normally found in similar products. Just snap it in, and you're good to...
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Fast Charger
Fast Charger
Fully charge the PowerFlight Cell Battery within 2hours IP65 waterproof Input Voltage: AC 100~240V Weight: 7.18KG (15.8LBS) Operating Temperature: -5~40°C (23~104°F) 6-month limited warranty * Price excludes shipping and sales tax/VAT.
Fireproof Battery Box
Although the battery encompasses multiple safety mechanisms and is very safe, given the technical limitation of the Li-ion battery, there is an extremely low probability that the battery cells inside may encounter a thermal runaway. A fully charged battery stores a...
Propeller Kit Upgrade - FP7 and FP8
Waydoo Flyer ONE Plus Propeller Kit has both FP7 and FP8 propeller. The FP8 propeller is a higher speed, higher efficiency prop designed to increase battery performance and achieve higher speed. Perfect for lighter weight riders. Prop Cage Screws/Mounting hardware...
Glide Folding Propeller Kit
Our innovative folding propeller for the eFoil. The folding propeller’s two blades are designed to rapidly fold back when you release the throttle on the hand controller, reducing drag through the water. This added efficiency allows the rider to substantially...
Jet ONE Controller PLUS
Master the Flyer ONE with the Jet ONE controller. Easily control how fast you go with your fingertip. See your speed and gear in one glance at the anti-glare 1.54” LCD screen.  With a built-in GPS, the Jet One Controller keeps track of...
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