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John Pendry on the Ozone Wave Kite Board


John Pendry has been riding the Ozone Wave Kite (Surf) Board for the last while and recently shared a few thoughts with us. John is a legend in the world of Paragliding & Kitesurfing, 5 time Hang Gliding World Champion and Paragliding World Champ in 1997, John has been in the Kitesurfing and Paragliding game since way back. He was the founder & owner of Adrenaline Kite school & shop in La Franqui, France from 2000 - 2015 and now manages Villa Impian, Canggu, Bali and continues to Kitesurf and Fly regularly. 

Here's what he sent us:

"I’ve been riding surfboards from various different brands for quite a few years now and one thing that’s always been flagrant is that the production models from the main kite brands, whilst being well built to stand up to the use and abuse of kiteboarding, nearly always end up being heavy with little flex, and so are much less enjoyable to ride than custom boards.

The moment you pick up the Ozone board you realise that this is not the case. It’s sooo light! And small and beautiful! I’ve been riding mostly the 5’9” and sometimes the 5’7”. Even the bigger board at first sight I thought was going to be much too small for me at 92kg, but no. Even in the relatively light winds of Bali I can ride this board, stomp upwind with amazing ease and then have the pleasure of a fast, agile board under my feet for riding down the line.

Going out through the broken waves is much easier with the rocker shape more pronounced near the nose and the traditional surfboard shape. The acceleration of the board also helps.

The narrow tail was surprising at first. Back heel pressure and the board spins round, allowing super fast turns. When you get used to this it’s nothing but a bonus for those whip backs as well as rapid gybes or front turns to get those waves at the last minute.

There’s nothing better than combining the agility of this board with the speed and manouvreability of the Ozone Reo for pure wave enjoyment!"

Cheers John! Keep sending it in Bali for us. 

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