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Loving my new Armstrong 5'11" SUP and Wing board.


 Well I have been SUP foiling for about a year now and totally love it.

Just to let you know as a ref I weight about 75kgs.

I started off on a big big board 8'0" 135L which was the best advice I had ever been giving, To learn to Foil you have to be able to catch the wave frist, so there is no point getting on a super small board that you can't catch any waves on.

I was lucky enough to have mates with bigger boards and then I started getting smaller boards, So of late I had been riding a 6'2" at about 115 L 

Once I started catching waves it was time to step on to something smaller, So I went for the Armstrong 5'11" SUP board


And what a beast of a Board at 99L I was thinking this was going to be hard but it is super stable and fast in the water, but were it really shows its performance is as soon as you start getting any push from the wave the board just wants to go and that helps the foil take over faster, so now I am catching wave earlier which in turn gives me more of a chance to get on the wave.

This boards are built strong and are nice and light and stiff you just feel so connected to the foil it is so so good.

I have been getting into the Winging also and this board is a game changer, it just lets you get off the water so much easier.

The Armstrong boys really know what they are doing and I just love this board.


Come and see the team @Ozone NZ and talk about these amazing boards and Foils

They have stock and can get you on the water today.






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