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Meet Alina, Ozone NZ's new kiteboarding instructor


Meet Alina Karam, Mexico's top female Kite boarder and Ozone NZ's newest addition to the team! Alina was born into a sport loving family, and was introduced to kiting as a young teen by her father. She graduated from World Class Kiteboarding Academy in Sicily and has travelled all around the world chasing the wind and competing in various kiting comps. We are stoked to have Alina on the team recruiting fellow kiters and teaching at our kite school in Raglan! Look out for her in our flagship store in Raglan or down at the kite beach teaching!

We thought we'd help you get to know her a little more and find out what gear she's using...

How long have you been kiteboarding for and how did you get into it?

I have been kiteboarding for six years now. My dad got me into it.

Check out this video of Alina sending it in Brazil! 


What do you love about Kiteboarding?

I love that it is the time of day where I don't think or care about anything other than just me having fun in the water. It's my escape from reality and something that brings out many different feelings like, happiness, adrenaline, intensity, joy. Its just extremely fun!

When did you become an instructor, and where else have you taught kiteboarding?

I took my instructor course in Cape Town in feb 2019 and I worked the summer season in Paros, Greece. 

How long have you been kiting with Ozone and what do you like about our gear?

I have been kiting with Ozone for five years. The quality is so good, the Kites are durable, the click bar is amazing, and everything is simple to set up.

Have you got a favourite Kite? What are you currently flying and what do you like about it?

I ride Enduros and I love them because I can do any discipline I want by just changing one knot. This kite has helped me to improve so much, it is such a smooth kite, and it's perfect for any wind conditions, perfect for freestyle, perfect for waves, perfect for loops. It's a machine. Shop the Enduro V2 online here.

How have you found teaching in Raglan? From an instructors point of view, is it a good place to learn?

I like teaching in Raglan because we are the only school so there is a lot of space to learn and no one gets in our way. It can be quite tough sometimes because the tides change a lot but I like it. Book a lesson with Alina here!

What advice would you give someone keen to learn with no Watersport experience?

I would say always be safe, if anything happens don't panic, and have patience. 

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