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Morgan's trip to Kitesurf Tonga 2018


Back to my happy place... 

I've been to Kitesurf Tonga once before and was so pumped to be back.

Kitesurf Tonga Ozone New Zealand

 There is something special about this little place, the island Uoleva is what I imagine heaven to be like. It's just you and your friends and the whole island to yourself (well, almost). When you're at Kitesurf Tonga the place is fully booked out with 10 people, so there is so much room on the water it's crazy.

We were lucky enough to have wind the whole week we were there. Foiling sessions in the morning with the Hyperlinks V1's and then Twin Tipping till the sun went down or the legs gave out.

Kitesurf Tonga Ozone New Zealand

Kitesurf Tonga has been running for about 3 or 4 years now and Glen and Karen and the team have a slick set up. They built the place from the ground up with blood sweat and tears, and more sweat.

Kitesurf Tonga Ozone New Zealand

The place is amazing with 5 hard crafted fales and one big common area for breakfast and dinner, and after Kiting beers were you can watch the whales swim by and the sun go down.

Kitesurf Tonga Ozone New Zealand

The food was epic - breakfast is freshly made bread and fresh fruit, lunch is always great and ready to go for you to take on your daily walk up the beach to the kite spot, which is a nice way to warm the legs up before the big day ahead. 

And then there is dinner time, well, you'll just have to go and see for yourself what's being served up. But the pig on a spit night is just the best.   

The kite spot has it all, steady winds, flat water, reef wave riding, Foiling and not to mention the water is nice and warm. The lagoon is about 6km long so there is lots of water to play in.

Kitesurf Tonga Ozone New Zealand

Kitesurf Tonga Ozone New Zealand

I can't wait to get back there in 2019. If you're interested in coming on the trip of a lifetime to Tonga in June and August of 2019 check it out here. Lock it in and we'll see you there! Morgan. 

Photos taken with GoPro.

What you'll need in your Kitesurf kit for Tonga: 





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