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THE NEW 5M & 6M WASP! Which is the one for you?


The overall response to the new Ozone Wasp since it's release has been nothing short of awesome! We love the versatility of this new wing and seeing how quickly riders have taken to it. Like any of our products at Ozone, we're always looking for ways to improve the users experience and make it a more fun & easy ride! The design team at Ozone have been enjoying testing different wind conditions with the Wasp, resulting in the new 5m and 6m Wasp wing that gives you more power at low speeds and in light wind conditions! Just what you wanted, right?!

The Wasp 5m and 6m have been specifically designed for light wind conditions and/or heavier riders. With more stability and reduced flex in the Leading Edge, plus the high volume makes it much more efficient in light winds to generate that speed you're after! 

The new Wasp sizes are now a more ideal choice for riders 90kgs and over who get out there with the Wasp in 10-20 knots with Hydro foils! 

5M or 6M?

The 5m Wasp is an easy-to-handle large size wing with low end grunt. It's big enough for most riders looking for a larger wing. If you're under 90kgs, the 5m would be the size you're after if you're looking for a fun light wind wing!   

The 6m however will require extra attention. You've got more wing to handle, which will require extra attention to not catch water or rub it on the ground. But it has amazing low end abilities to get you riding in the lightest of breezes! Keep in mind if you are 90kg+ and mainly ride in 15 knot+ winds we suggest going for the 5m wing. 

To help you a little more, check out the below Video that features Ozone's product manager and Test rider Torrin Bright, providing some insight and tips into how to choose the right size for you! Or for those more focused on hydro foil riding, the bottom video features Ozone's Chief designer Robert Whittall, as he explains associated front wing foil choice depending on rider weight and the conditions. 

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