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Alina Karam

Full name: Alina Karam Ochoa

Nickname: Ali

Age: 22 years old

Homespot: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Favorite NZ spots: Awakino, Raglan

Worldwide favorite spots: Misty Cliff Cape Town; Salina Cruz, Mexico; Cloud Break, Fiji; Barra Nova, Brazil

Years riding: 9 years

Partners/sponsors: Ozone NZ, Vivida Lifestyle, Equilibrium Project, Vizva Clothing

Discipline: Wave Riding, Kitefoiling, Freeriding, Freestyle

Favorite Windspeed: 20+ knots

Kite: Enduro V3

Bar and lines: 35cm bar with 23m lines

Board: Tomo firewire, Armstrong 3'11 foil board

Workout: Surf, Foil, Stretching

Other hobbies: Surf, surf foil, photography

Quote: "Focus on having fun"

Best things about kite: Freedom and adrenaline at its best

Worst thing about kite: Using Wetsuit

Dream destination to go? One Eye, Mauritius; Cape Verde, Lobitos, Peru

More Important then kiting? Family

Why Ozone? Because the gear is amazing, simple to control, simple to set up, and they have the perfect gear to suit any kiting discipline. I trust their designs because they know about wings, as they have been in the flying industry for a long time.
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