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Jamie Lee

Full name: Jamie Donald Lee

Nickname: Donald

Age: 28 years old

Homespot: Little River

Favorite NZ spots: Aspiring National Park, Mt Cook Region , Waimatuku

Worldwide favorite spots: Many Peaksin Norway , Carpathian Mountains in Romania

Years flying: 10 years

Partners/sponsors: Ozone

Discipline: Speed flying

Quote: Talk less , listen more , natures our teacher , Forevermore

Favorite Windspeed: None or LOTS ;)

Ideal conditions: Cold Crisp , Sun rise hitting face shortly before launching

What wing do you use: All sizes of the Rapids

Harness: Ozone SWITCH

Favorite Move: Following the Natural terrain as close as feels right

Other hobbies: Diving , Gardening , Yoga

Quote: Talk less , listen more , natures our teacher , Forevermore

Best things about PG: Sharing / loving outdoor spaces with amazing people

Worst things about PG: Oil needed to make the wings …

Dream destination to go? Pakistan , Mongolia


Why Ozone? They make the best wings I've ever tried and have helped me ALOT along the way , the support feels like an intertwined web larger than any of us know :)
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