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Ben Kellett's Ozones F Race Harness Review.


This is Benjamin, a hobbyist and the newest addition to our New Zealand team. Ben leaves in Queenstown and has been flying for over six years. He loves hiking and flying and his favorite disciplines are Vol Biv, XC and Acro. He is currently using and loves his wing,  ZEOLITE GT and the new F*Race harness. Here are some words from Ben describing the Ultra-light F*Race harness:


Looks so good in all Black! 😎 This F*Race harness is some serious piece of kit! It weighs 1.5kg and packs down so small, I think I need a new rucksack 😅 Really impressed with the huge storage, easily enough space for all the vol big gear. Can’t wait to take it on a back country mission, just need the sun to rise a little higher 🤓☀️

Check it out www.flyozone.com/paragliders/products/harnesses/f-race

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