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Olly Brunton's take on the All new HA925.

Olly Brunton's, wing foil surfer reviewing the new Armstrong gear!  
"Just a quick synopsis of the sessions I've been having on the new Armstrong foils HA925 High Aspect wing in both wing foil use, downwind and prone surf use.
To note, I am 184cm tall and 82kgs which should be taken into consideration for this review. Each wing is relative to user size and skill.
Some insights: I found back foot placement over the mast or slightly ahead gave the best use of the Armstrong HA wings in general. Tip Breaches are easily recovered from, 85cm mast best for turning with the wider wingspans, 72cm mast worked fine for downwind prone use, pumping and gliding a dream as long as you have some speed already. The FV200 tail offered a more dynamic experience vs the HS232 v2 tail."
Equipment used:

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