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The HS1550 V2 is a Beast by Morgan Coster


Armstrong Foils coming up with the V2 of the HS1550. Showing to be faster, smoother, more agile, better pump and progressive then the first version. Morgan Coster, local rider in Raglan, put some words together of his opinion on the new wing: 

So finally got a chance to try the HS1550 v2 out. I wasn't sold on the HS1550 V1 because I am a light guy (72kgs) and found it was to liftie for my weight. The heavier guys seemed to make it work but I just couldn't hold it down.

But the new V2 is very good, great speed with not to much lift. I have Winged and SUP it now.

First test was Winging on a super light day and it made it so easy work of it. I back to backed it with the HS1850 and it was very impressive indeed.

Great speed and so stable at slow speed also.

My set up was: 

WASP V2 4m

Armstrong 99L SUP 

85cm Mast

60cm Fuselage


232 Tail +1 shim.

The next day was a SUP day so out I went on the same set up apart from changing the Tail to the new V tail.

I haven't SUP anything bigger than my HS1250 for a long time but man this HS1550 was great on the small wave days, I felt like I could hold it down and drive it through the turns really well and not get over powered

It was a fun session indeed and it worked really well with the V tail.

Armstrong have done a great job on this wing, I can see myself riding it a lot on the Winging days.



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