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A-wing V2 review by Rik Staheli


Rik Staheli learned how to wing in Raglan and has been winging for more then a year now. He has had the opportunity to ride both A-wing V1 & V2. Here are some words with his experience:

"Armstrong V2 wing I recently updated to a 3 wing V2 quiver after flying the 3.5 & 4.5m for around a year.

The 4.5m has the largest performance upgrade gain... But then that's partly because there was more room for improvement on this size. It feels a little tighter all around and is better balanced, and the control from the front handle when streaming it is significantly improved. (handle construction is also a big step up on v2)

The 3.5m always was a phenomenal wing. However the new V2 is even more well balanced.... So much so that you get this completely weightless feel as it just seems to hang in the sky through transitions....feeling more like a 2.5m. Great compact form factor for is impressive power similar to the 4.5 but better. Super fun to ride waves and streams effortlessly. Both 3.5 & 4.5v2 have a little more up-wind ability also.

The 2.5m.... Flies like an absolute dream. Outstanding wind range, held this in 40knt gusts, good power for it's ultra compact size, epic balance and trailing feel. As close as you can get to winging without a wing. After you fly this baby you really don't want to use anything else!"

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