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Dominic O'Rourke's Feedback on the Big 6m WASP V2.

I had a quick demo session of the new Wasp V2 6M at Raglan kite beach thanks to Morgan Coster at Ozone NZ.
I was after a light wind wing that was balanced and didn’t feel too big. One that when combined with the right foil can give you those light wind, cruise sessions and not have the drama and effort of pumping up hard if come off foil.
I’ve tried and used and own a lot of wings from different manufacturers so I had an excellent benchmark.
I was immediately impressed, light and balanced and just sat nicely in only a few knots walking down. I rode in light and flakey 6-9 kts with a couple kts of tide and just immediately pumped up with not much effort. That was only on an Armstrong HS1550V2 and a slightly negative litres board as well.

It rides like a smaller wing due to the light balanced feel. It's very forgiving in tacks and gybes and importantly feels very good on the arms and fingers, no weird heavy loading that you can get from bigger wings. No problem avoiding the bottom corner tip while pumping up. Y handles and main handles all where you want them. Good quality window material. I was impressed and bought one right away. Enjoying it. Also it should be noted these Wasp V2 are night and day better that the V1. I’ve had a quiver of 4 Wasp V1s and I used them extensively in the past along with other brands.

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