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Light Wind Quiver with Dominic O'Rourke


 Dominic J O'Rourke is a local rider from Raglan who has been riding for 6 years in this fantastic water and wind mecca. Dominic practices a variety of sports such as surf foiling, tow foiling, kitesurfing and kite foiling and he also does flatwater standup paddleboarding for fitness and leisure. Raglan often delivers good conditions for every sport; with so many options of sports, Dominic just plays around with the forecast and tides and this keeps him on the water and practising what he loves.

Dominic is what we could call a wind and water sports guru. He is technical and you will always see him out playing in the spot. No matter the conditions. 

We asked some questions to the guru about how his sessions had been lately and the quiver he uses on light wind day and here is what he said:

How was your session today? 

Very fun in light winds. Making the most of the regular light easterly. Smooth water, incoming tide to assist, sunny, warm, makes a nice change from Antarctica where I have been for the last 2.5 months. 

How was the forecast? How many knots were there?

The forecast was pretty accurate, east building slightly around 1100 - 1500. It was anywhere from 8/9kts to about 1/2 kts in lulls. Overall about 7 ish plus 2/3 kts of tide assist if in the right places. I was riding about 98% of the time. 


Raglan has been having a lot of easterlies lately, how does this contribute to your riding? Do you like it?

Yes for sure, warm water and easterly predominant summer, reduces sea breeze massively. Gotta take what you can. It has holes in it but it’s workable with the right gear and technique and tide. 

The great thing overall is in the early days of Wingfoil, we thought we would have to still kitefoil in light winds and have both options kinda ready. 

The developments in foils, wings, boards and riders technique have meant we are now riding in super light to nuking so it’s great. So many options and if it’s not working just paddle in. Simple mostly. 

Talk to us about the one and only light wind quiver choice.

First up, I’m 185cm and 85kg. 

I was riding an Ozone Wasp V2 6M.

I used an Armstrong 75L FG board.

Tracks quite far forward at 9.5 on the setting. 

Armstrong 1325 HA foil and 195HA tail. 

100cm mast, 50cm fuselage.

Plus one shim as looking for absolutely the maximum glide and speed and to reduce any drag. 

Light winds it’s critical. 

Also made sure the WASP is at totally the max Psi it can take. 

Why is it so good for light wind conditions?

Great combination of lift from the wing and foil set up combined with forwarding speed. 

You do need to keep the board flat and rapid pump the wing I find to really grease the board off. Stay quite still actually at the lift-off point and let the foil do the work. 

I like the low stall speed of the HA 1325. 

That being said just a couple of knots more and I’d have on 1125 HA and even drop to 5M Wasp and reduce drag, more speed and carry overall. 

What is your opinion on the gear you use? Do you love it, if so, why? Would you recommend this quiver to other wingers, why?

Yes, I’ve used this set-up a ton. Yup, love what I’m on. I’ve tried a huge amount of brands here and in Canada. Light wind go to set up for me.  It’s my biggest everything, I don’t ride anything larger ever, foil or wing. 

I recommend trying it and seeing how good it is and what you can get away with. 2000 cm plus foils and big boards are kinda old school now. 

Immediately go down in size if the wind gets up. 

I prefer a 4m ish Wasp and around the 925cm or less HA ish foil size for speed and maneuvers. 

If it’s very windy then consider a smaller board just to get that more free feeling and pump ability. 

Thanks to Morgan Alina and the team at Ozone Raglan.  

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