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Story time with Michelle learning how to wingfoil! Part #1 learning to hydrofoil.


I am not one to make New Year's resolutions, but after a heavy 2021, I decided 2022 I needed a new focus to keep my mind off heavy things and inject some fun and light into my life.


With that in mind, I decided 2022 is going to be the year of getting my WINGS!


On New Year's Eve, 31 Dec 2021, I took myself off to Kite Beach here in Raglan with my husband's gear.. and you know what they say… all the gear and no …!


Armed with my husband's gear (thanks honey!) I pumped up his wing, grabbed a foil board and took myself off for my first foiling and wingfoiling lesson.


The tide was ripping out to sea, the wind was nice and strong and that’s when things went wrong!


I was on the board with a wing in hand and by the time I stopped looking at my feet and looked at where I was going, too late (!), I was heading out across the notorious Raglan bar. I looked back at the beach and our girls were waving their arms at me “mummy come back” ! and a small group of worried curious people were forming on the beach watching a 42 year old woman about to go missing out of the sea.


Thankfully my husband was watching this catastrophe from the beach and managed to borrow somebody’s phone to call the Raglan Surf Rescue Team.


As I was drifting out to sea wondering what Olly’s new wife would be like I heard the sound of a jetski and the smiley face of Bugsy, emerged through the sea spray and waves!


“Don’t worry love I’ve got ya, just lie on your board and hang on to my board at the back, let your wing fly behind you, and we will get you back to the beach”. I owe you a homemade chocolate cake Bugsy, thank you (!)


As I was dragged onto the beach a bright beetroot red I decided that in 2022 I was going to get my WINGS the proper way and get some proper lessons with the Ozone team pros!

A quick phone call to the Ozone team and my first lesson was booked.


First things first, my instructor Morgan told me over the phone, we will get you foiling first. Let’s start right there.


We headed out on his jet ski with a big 6’11 foil board on the back. Let’s get you foiling on this girl … she’s got a great girth and she’s solid as!


I thought back to my day on kite beach with Olly’s pro 6’6 board and wondered (again !) what on earth was I thinking!


When learning to foil, a few mandatory face plants and walking on water is all standard stuff.


Repeat a good five or so times and then finally the foil comes out of the water and I actually manage to stay on the board… “yeeeeeaaahhh foiling” Morgan shouts! I am so stoked that I am foiling I pump my arms and wipe off the board.


Fast forward 4 more lessons behind the jet ski and I am feeling pretty solid on the foil now. Thanks, Morgan!


Some good tips from the man;


  1. Bend your knees, keep your chest up
  2. Stop the poo stance (for starters it’s just not cool)
  3. Keep your eyes on the horizon – don’t look down, look where you wanna go!
  4. And the most important one of all. BREATHE !!


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