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Ozone Torque V1 Review

Hi Windlovers!
I have just had the chance to try out the new 135cm Torque board from Ozone, so I
thought I would share a quick review of this awesome new product with you.

To better understand where I'm coming from when I write this, you first need need to know that I have been riding boots for the last 6 years. I love freestyle, and like many of us, I do have personal preferences in terms of the different aspects a board can deliver.

I usually carry anything between 2 to 5 boards during a single session, which includes a mixture of different board brands. This means I am constantly testing out the range of movement these products have to offer, according to the conditions.

During this latest session, I used a 14m Enduro with 15 knots of wind onshore. The location - The Costa Brava in Spain.
So why 135cm? With boots? Well, in a nutshell, I try to really challenge myself! Usually I ride 140cm, but this time I wanted to have more of an immediate feedback, which can be easily achieved by downsizing.

So I went into the water, and surprisingly the board floated so easily. This helped me get a few fears out of my mind!
For such a small size, the board could easily be kept up with the weight of the boots. I was already happy.

As I slowly pushed on the board, I noticed the load increasing, which was really cool because I knew automatically that the board had a progressive increment in energy. As you push, it kept increasing, and when you released, it was like an explosive pop.

Keeping the edge on choppy waters was not a problem at all, the board is wide enough to allow some good gap on the edge, which also prevents spitting water up at your face while riding.

Taking off with the board is just ridiculously easy. I’m sure that any freestyler or new rider will appreciate this.
On landing, the board also performs well, and regardless of the size, the flex factor was in control. This in conjunction with the rocker, made the land soft enough for my beaten knees.

Going upwind with 25mm fins was easy, it goes through the chop really well, although with boots it can require some extra effort to keep them out of the water. I’m sure that with straps though, it will be so simple.

The rocker on the board is really mellow, nothing radical at all, but well made. There are some channels on the bottom of the board too, which allow you to keep it where you want it to be.

Overall, this new Ozone board is super responsive, which means you can pack a whole lot of power into it, and additionally, it will deliver a heap of fun in many different conditions.

Ozone have this board in sizes from 128 to 140. You can also call to book in a demo, so you can experience it firsthand and make your own conclusions.

As for me, the new Ozone Torque is now part of my essential kit.

Happy riding,


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