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Eve's trip to Manureva Aitutaki


Hi, my name is Eve, I'm 12 years old and I am the youngest Ozone team rider in New Zealand.

Recently, I have been lucky enough to go to Manureva Aquafest in Aitutaki. While I was there, I did three days of awesome kiting!

Some of the races I did included the Board Across, Race Around the Island (Honeymoon Island), Big Air, Freestyle and the Expression Session (which is pretty much to show off what you got!). 

In the Board Across, I used the 6m Ozone Unoit was really awesome and the reason I got 2nd place was because I could get upwind nice and easy and go faster and stronger than my other competitors. The race around the island didn't go as good as the board across, but it was still really fun and the kite performed really well, and even behind the wind shadow I was still on the 7m Reo, I had so much fun! 

The Big Air competition was sooooooo cool, I thought I did the best I could do. I landed every jump, and I did them super smooth and balanced. We don't know  what place I got (they didn't announce it at prize giving) but we thought I did really well on the 7m Reo. Even when I was not totally powered, I still got every bit I could out of it, and still got pretty high. 

In the Freestyle part of the competition, I finally got to show off all the tricks I can do! I was also on the 7m Reo and had a blast. Then we had the Expression Session and I stayed on the 7m. I was jumping the little spit that was sticking out of the island, it was so much fun for me to learn to jump objects! Thank you Mum and Dad for taking me, what a great experience! A huge thanks to Ozone New Zealand for these awesome kites I'm flying, who knew this amazing sport could take you to so many different places and meet so many inspiring people! Thanks to Glen and Nick from Wind Warrior Kite Sports Foxton Beach http://www.windwarrior.nz/ for all their help and support.   



  • Posted on by Woohoo Eve!!

    Stoked you had an awesome time :) Well done! We are very proud o you… :)

  • Posted on by Tom

    Het eve iT looks so cool from Tom and jo

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