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Roadster 3 - First Impressions


Recently I have my hands on the Roadster 3! I was fortunate enough to test the size 26, in one of the standard colors (red, white, blue).

Unpacking, I noticed the new blue bag from Ozone, which is a refreshing change from the red one.  At a first sight, the risers look great, simple and easy to use. There are new marks on the trimmer tape, white and red lines. The red line indicates a take-off position. White lines help to prevent the trimmer buckle to slip. 

It has the usual handles with magnets, and mini toggle for tip-steering but the magnets on the risers are mounted on velcro so its easy to adjust its position for higher hang points. 

On inflation, it goes great. It is light, easy and constantly even. In fact, it’s even easier than the Roadster 2. 

From the first take-off and climb out, immediately I noticed lighter pressure on the brakes, more like a free flight wing, I love it. 

During the flight, I start pulling the brakes, trying to get the sense of depth, and the wing starts reacting straight away. I can feel it is more dynamic and way easier to handle. 

On a level flight, it is feeling faster and when I opened the trims I can already feel the extra speed. Tip steering is great, easy to use and very sensitive, as per the previous model. 

Climbing up to 1.600 m is a walk in park, easy and smooth. 

After burning an hour of fuel, it's time to go back, so I set myself up for the final approach.

I kill the engine, and the first thing I notice is the glide ratio, it seems to be way better!

After losing a bit of altitude, the final bit is to flare for landing, which is long, smooth and easy. No surprises here. 

I can see an overall improvement in the wing, it is an excellent wing for beginners like me, but I can also see myself doing some really cool stuff later in the future, so watch the space! 

The engine for the test was a Polini Thor 200 cc, fitted in a PAP frame and Sup'air harness. 

We do have Roadsters for test in our Raglan store, so feel free to contact us to demo the wings, also you can order a fresh wing from our online store. 

We also have Sky Engines for sale in our store

Author: Matias Nombarasco
Photo: Emilia Plak

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