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Snowkite Report


Snow kiting conditions in southern New Zealand this season have been a all-time prime, with good winds, clear skies, great snow coverage and frequent top-ups of fresh powder. 

A standard approach to long (50-80km) backcountry missions is to go with two foil kites – large and small – flying one and carrying the other for when wind conditions change en route or with elevation. Don't forget your climbing skins or snow shoes if the wind should drop when you're way out in the great white. The alpine plateaux of Mt Pisa, Old Man and Old Woman Ranges are like a miniature Arctic and fresh, untracked powder snow is in unlimited supply. 

Kiting is like having your own ski lift that you take with you anywhere you go ... you ski the fresh lines, climb up by kite power, ski down again. No lift queues, no noise, no crowds. Just the powder, and you, and the kite above that makes it all possible 😜

Kite far! Kite safe! Fly OZONE!

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